2/52 Going Green

This dress was going to be the one-hour wonder… “I’m sure I could whip this up in an hour” I confidently told Andrew.  HA. HA HA.   Umm… no… I could NOT do it in an hour as I made a few rookie mistakes:
·  like removing the back seam will cutting out as it was “unnecessary”.   But it is necessary to be able to do the lining and flip it through properly without having to iron the seam allowances and then topstitch down the armholes like I did.
·  then I sewed the wrong sides together on the bodice and had to  unpick all 4 front darts and pin them and re-sew.
·  Or when I only had an invisible zip in the right length available which I am pretty crap at inserting.


But on a good note I did finish all my seams properly and it looks pretty when I twirl.

Inspired by this version of B5748 (http://dollyclackett.blogspot.com/2012/12/people-are-put-in-prison-ships-because.html) I did careful placement of my stripes with an excellent result.

More awesome stripes


So with the details format borrowed from Sew Weekly here is breakdown on dress two.

Fabric:  Striped Green Cotton (light weave) from curtains from the dump shop.
Pattern:  Butterick B5748 bought from online sale last year
Year: Retro 1952 reprint
Notions:  Zipper from stash and cotton
Time to complete:  3 hours
First worn:  Quickly for a picture on Sunday, then properly to work on Tuesday.
Wear again?  Absolutely and I plan to make another with the fabric I originally planned for it.
Total Cost:  $15 – but I still have another curtain which is enough to make another dress.


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