Preparation is key

I decided that if I was going to do the 52 dresses challenge I would have to get more prepared than an excel spreadsheet of patterns and dates and a pile of fabric on my table.

So this weekend I took advantage of the extra day off and got busy cutting out fabric.  I find cutting out the pieces the most tedious part of sewing, so I got a bunch over and done with while watching a movie on Monday afternoon and now I can just go sew in the evenings.  

The end result might not look to impressive – 10 shopping bags of fabric and patterns – but it was a huge weight off my shoulders.

So watch this space for the up coming:
5 dresses – New look 8094 (black paisley), Style 3394 (Hawaiian Styles), Butterick 3433 (border print trial fit for flamingos), Jade Colour block, Bad 80’s Moment.
2 tops – Drafted Batwing and Raglan Sleeve Tee
2 skirts – Knit wiggle skirt and Basic Skirt with pockets
1 Pair of shorts (for a friend)


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