3/52 Border Pratice

I bought this pattern from Unearthed as the cover art drew me in – i wanted to be the young girl in the party frock off to have a great night. 


Then i found some fabric that i thought would work perfectly…but decided i had better make a muslin first as this is a vintage pattern and having just made the re-printed Butterick B5748 i knew that my curves are not always like the pattern.  I prefer to make wearable muslins cause it means more dresses in my wardrobe and i didn’t think i had anything to use…then i rummaged on the table while thinking of making skirts and found this…

I have no idea when i got it from but I think I got it from Pete’s emporium so it probably cost about $6-$8 a metre. AND even better it is a border print – which I have also been looking for recently with no luck.

I have been wanting to experiment with border prints.  I love the vintage style dresses around that make the use of borders like this Rose dress from Vintage Heaven but i cannot find ANY floral border fabric – maybe everyone else has moved on and I am left behind.

Anyhoo… this dress is my wearable muslin or Border Practice I’m calling it.  I made a small increase in the bodice and since the skirt is two large rectangles with darts and gathers i just made them a bit wider. In constructing the bodice I needed to add an inch into either side as my waist is not as petite as the pattern.  As I didn’t have enough material to cut out a new bodice and I couldn’t be bothered sewing all the darts again I just added in a strip in the side seams.  In the ‘real’ dress I also need to add about an inch to the length of the bodice as it currently sits between my true waist and an empire line.

I had not cut out adjusted linings and was planning on cutting out facings but this got put on the sideline when I put in too shorter zip and then I tried it on realised it was not right. The bodice pattern is too busy and with the other adjustments noted above it is definitely a  muslin but one that I have learnt a lot from.

Just a pic on the hanger as I couldn’t get done nicely for a dress that I didn’t really like…and I had such high hopes too. I am still counting it towards the 52 dresses as i basically finished it – i could put it on but not wear it out of the house.

I think i will convert it to a skirt


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