4/52 Palmerston Paisley

I fell in love with this material when shopping in Palmerston North over the Christmas break and even though I did not know what I would make with it I bought a few meters anyway as it was half price. 

It is a cotton sateen with a slight stretch and similar type of fabric that I have used before.  When I did my big cutting mission the other day I decided on the New Look 6094 for this fabric. I went with what I am calling the wiggle dress view as I didn’t have enough to do the full skirted option and I thought it might be a bit full on with this print and that volume.


This dress came together nicely. I finished all my seams as I went, I tacked down the facing when the instructions told me to, the zip went in well first time and Icompleted it in a day.

I haven’t got a pic of me wearing it yet but I wore it to work yesterday and it was comfy and great for wear. I will definitely make this again.


3 thoughts on “4/52 Palmerston Paisley

  1. Hi Sandra, this is my favourite of what you’ve worn so far so you better post a pic. Is a very sexy wiggle dress.

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