Lederhosen – a first for me

The other day my friend asked me to make her a drindl skirt for an upcoming German themed party. I said ‘if course, that’s easy’. Then she said she would actually prefer lederhosen.   Of course I can do that… I have only made one pair or pants before and they were trackpants…

We googled a bunch of costumes. Most looked like this:

And others looked like this:

Neither was really the look we wanted but gave me enough to go on so I went home and dug through my burda magazines looking for a sailor style pant with buttons on the front. I have always wanted to make a pair of these pants so I knew I had a pattern somewhere. I dug it up in a 2005 Burda.
I had some brown fabric of dubious origin that I used to muslin a pair of work pants several years ago that I dug from the stash. So all I purchased for this creation was the couple of metres of ribbon for the braces and the buttons.

Since I normally only sew for myself I just asked her what size pants she wore. That was my first mistake. I know that you should sew off your measurements as all patterns are different but somehow that slipped my mind. I traced out the pattern in a size 10 with a small seam allowance and guesstimated the length to make shorts that would stop just above the knee.

For a Burda pattern the instructions mostly made sense even with the complex front button flap. I read ahead and then figured the best order to do all the actions in. This meant I put the zipper in three steps earlier but it all turned out ok. It was a good practise for my new buttonhole skills as I had to do six of the suckers.

My earlier mistake came to light when my friend tried them on and they were too snug in the hips. I got creative and unpicked the side seams and inserted a panel of the fabric with a ribbon embellishment that matched the braces on each side. I didn’t measure it, and was apprehensive when it came to the second fitting as I had no other tricks up my sleeve if tne still didn’t fit. Thank goodness it didn’t come to that as the fit was fine.

Here is a bad floor photo of the lederhosen as I wasn’t at the same party to get a pic and I couldn’t model them as they are several sizes too small for me.


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