Knit Adventures

On mega cut out day I wanted to reduce the stash a little and added to the pile some little projects I had been thinking of for a while and they were all knit…

First was a bright striped t-shirt from a piece of knit fabric I got…from I don’t know where…but most likely on sale with the intention of making t-shirts.  I used the Amvic ladies raglan top pattern that I used for my Thor dress (not yet blogged about) and with the alteration of a v-neck instead of a high round neck.

However I have not got this one through the machine yet, but after the success of my second tee I cut out I will get it higher up the queue.

More stripes were on the menu with the blue batwing top that I drafted using a book from the library a few years ago. At the time I made a light cotton top using the pattern which I don’t really wear anymore due to poor fabric choice, but I haved wanted to re-visit the pattern.  As one of my first times sewing knit fabric it seemed to come together easily although the thin stripes hurt my head at times like a bad test pattern – and these stripes also do not photograph well, maybe they give the camera a headache too.

After trying it on I took a few cms out of the bottom width and lowered the neckline. I bound the neck with a thin strip of fabric then I double topstitched it down to stop it from rolling. The waist is another wider strip cut so the stripes go vertical as a contrast to the rest of the top.
And because it is a batwing top I had to do my best bat impression and spread my wings
I will be back to this pattern again with a soft silk I have in the stash.

The final piece of fabric was supposed to be another batwing top with the patterned knit in the centre and a plain on the sides and sleeves however when I went to cut it out I discovered it was about 10cm short in width for this mashup so I created plan b instead which is a basic wiggle skirt.  The fabric is a heavy weight jacquard in purple/navy.  Thinking it was not exactly rocket science I sewed a seam, hemmed it and made an elastic waist. Except I decided to use my new blind hemmer foot, so I have to re-do the hem so it was wearable and take a pic. Lesson from this practise on waste fabric before going onto the actual garment.


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