5/52 Polka Dot Frock Fest

I started this dress with a hiss and a roar…and then February got crazy busy. I cut out New Look 6000 in a size 16 which is the largest size in this pattern. I added width on the hips as I knew when I made NewLook 6094 I cut an 18 which fitted my hips perfectly but was a little loose in the top. I thought this added extra should cover me but this dress is even more fitting than I expected.
Here come some un-impressed phone photos. Sorry I do not love this dress…yet…so didn’t get gussied up for proper photos.

It only just fits round my butt and hips, it is snug across the pleats and I have not hemmed it yet. I say I do not love it yet cause I think if I lost 5kgs then it would fit me perfectly.
The only then I would then need to fix is the zip which is badly sewn and probably make it sleeveless. As the picture below shows how high or rather not high I can lift my arms.

So I am calling this one done… for now. I will re-look at it in 5kgs time.


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