6/52. A Tintin Episode or the Jade Triangle

How do people come up with cool names for their dresses?  I have no idea and am way too literal hence the Jade Triangle. However with word asdication this made me think of Tintin books so maybe that is a bit more exotic. I have in my plan of 52 a couple of dresses that I wanted to try colour blocking on – using patterns that had an obvious place to put it so I didn’t have to faff about with patterns and adding seam allowances.   This is one of those patterns.

I got Simplicity 9034 from an antique shop in Foxton called Junk n Disorderly. I love the simple lines of it and I made view 2.  When I was doing my mega cutting day I added this dress to the pile using some black heavy knit from my stash (origins unknown as I don’t normally buy black – most likely an op-shop or the remants bin at Fabric Warehouse) and some green/jade twill with slight stretch that I got as a remnant from the Andrea Moore pop up shop.  I had intended to make cute little shorts and then I remembered that I don’t have a little bum and this was never going to be enough fabric.

After the failure of my dotty New Look 6000 I went back to my sewing room looking for some success. I settled on this dress as I knew I would not have to finsh as many edges due to the knit. It is a little heavy for wearing at the moment but autumn is on it’s way so it will get worn soon enough.
I really like this dress. I can lift my arms and move easily. The neck is higher than normal but that is to be expected from a pattern from 1970. Andrew suggested it was a little star trek but I can live with that.
Here is the front view (with closed eyes).


6 thoughts on “6/52. A Tintin Episode or the Jade Triangle

  1. Looking forward to seeing this one at work, but I think you need to make it in another colour way, that black is really heavy on you – the style and fit is very pretty so I think it’s worth another go…

  2. this looks awesome on you! not heavy at all. it looks smart & tailored.
    if you used a stripe or pattern fabric for the insert it would lose the star trek thing (which I think is more a colour combo thing than anything)

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