Sewing Skills

I currently have 3 dresses hanging in my sewing room that are almost done.  One needs a hem and is waiting till I have black thread in the overlocker again.  It also needs straps tacked down and a button and loop put in the back.

The second had a zip insertion failure – even though I basted it in to start.  It also needs a hem. 

The third needs the back straps sewn in, a hem and a hook and eye above the zip.


Works in progress

So why do I have 3 almost dresses just hanging about when my goal is to get top 52?   The answer I came to over the weekend is that I am frustrated in my sewing skills and writing this blog is highlighting this to me. 

I got taught to sew by my Mum when I was 9 or 10.  I took the basic home ec sewing classes in form 1 and 2 and apart from the odd conversation with my Gran or Mum when sewing while growing up I am mostly self taught.  I have learnt a lot from reading blogs, books and pattern instructions.  My frustration is because I know what I want to create but have not done it enough to be able to do it masterfully – putting zips in being a prime example.

When I used to make 3 or 4 items a year and had a struggle it was not so obvious.  Now that I am trying to sew more – the mistakes are coming out more. I have also realised in trying to describe what I am making that I don’t have the language… types of fabric, techniques and so on.

But I am ready for the challenge. I have attempted my first rub-off, which is taking a pattern off an existing item of clothing.

I have attempted a cut in slash in upgrading a pattern with reasonable success. And I have managed to make 2 t-shirts, 6 dresses and a skirt already this year already. So I need to stop wallowing in self pity and just finish the list above so I can move in to the next pretty thing.

I will practise patience, baste more zips and I will tackle this pile.


One thought on “Sewing Skills

  1. I hear ya. I think sometimes when we’re overly theoretically educated its even harder as our definition of acceptable is so high. But the only way to get better is to keep doing it and I’m sure you’ll fly through as you keep going. Look at the number of bloggers who went from not having touched a sewing machine to teaching or selling books or whatever in only a couple of years!

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