10/52 Confidence

After feeling blah with 3 dresses on hangers inthe sewing room, I decided to go down a different path and I found confidence.  I have a favourite black dress I bought from Rebound Clothing a few years ago and I have always wanted to make my own version of it.  It is a simple A-line skirt with a bat-wing top and it is one of my few items of plain black clothing.


Dress ready for tracing

  I asked around about how to take a copy of it without destroying it and I was pointed in a couple of directions.  The first was the blog a fashionable stitch and a book from the library called Patternmaking for a perfect fit by Steffani Lincecum.  The book was not available but as I want to increase my skills I ordered it from Book Depository.  Another resource was the tutorial online by Juliet of Crazy Gypsy Chronicles which was immensely helpful.

So I decided to give it a go and I ended up with 4 basic pattern pieces – a front top, back top, skirt and cuff.  I got 2 metres of this voile with feather print for $23 and I managed to layout my pieces to fit it all on.  I also cut out some strips to do binding around the neckline.


Pattern pieces and fabric

By the end of the evening I had this…



I put a light interfacing in the cuffs and finished all the seams with the overlocker.  I plan to wear it with a belt (as I do with the original) to give it a bit more shape.  So here is the badly light, taken indoors, with ick hair photo as I ran upstairs to show hubby what I had made.  Then I saw the photo and nipped back down to halve the width of the neck binding.


Yay I can sew

But overall I like it and already have the fabric lined up for another.  I think this time with an obi belt to go with it.


7 thoughts on “10/52 Confidence

  1. Go you for jumping in and giving it a go! 🙂 What a great result too. I love the idea of being able to save a wardrobe favourite when it gets to the end of it’s life, we sew, so we should be so lucky to enjoy our favourite pieces forever and ever 😉

    • It was easier than I thought but it is a pretty simple dress. I have a more complex top I want to try so I will waiting for my books to arrive for more help.

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