9/52 Going Troppo

In a shop window that I walked past most of summer there was a poster of a floral dress with a solid border on the hem that I was drawn to – not the dress as much as it was a mullet that went much too high in the front and way too long in the back. 


But you get the idea...

Unfortunately the only pic I can find of it is not that great…sorry. But the colour combo did inspire me to cut out Style 3394 view 1 in a similar style – by similar I mean that I had a slightly tropical green fabric and blue borders. 


Style 3394

I bought this green “tropical” print a couple of years ago with the thought to make a summer dress – in a slightly tacky but kind of fun way.  I have no idea what I paid but knowing me it would have been on special – most likely on the discount shelf for the very reason I bought it – cause it’s a little garish.

The pattern I got mostly likely from an op-shop for about a dollar and as I went to lay out the pieces I realised it was a size 12 – which I am not, so going off the measurements on the pattern sleeve and my actual size I did a bit of a hack job on the pattern in the hope that it would fit…  I have since learnt this is an actual method to draft up a pattern called the cut and slash method.


Tropical at the end of March

When I began construction I realised that the plan in my head for the blue bands at the top of the bodice was different from the pattern instructions.  And I had only cut out enough pieces for my plan so again I ignored the instructions and made the bodice my way.  I made the bands fold over the top of the bodice rather than being a solid band all the way round.

The skirt is a semi circle skirt and when I cut it out I did not have quite enough width so I added small triangles at the bottom.  With the wide band at the bottom you barely notice these small additions especially when you twirl in it.


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