11/52 On the Rebound again and meeting new peeps

Since my confidence was boosted and I had a self imposed deadline of a bloggers meet up I knocked out another re-make of my rebound dress. This time I used some green cotton with trees on it that I got from Arthur Toyes in Palmerston North. I had 2m again which I had the first time I made this dress…but my pattern pieces did not fit. Then I realised this fabric is a quilting cotton so it is only 112cm wide whereas my feathers voile was 140cm wide, so I did not have the same room to play in placement. I fitted the front and back of the top on then took the remaining fabric and folded it in half. This gave me the maximum length of the skirt which was just over an inch shorter than the original, but I was determined to make this dress and as it turns I like it this length.


Re-re-bound dress in green

The only other change I made In the making of the version was that instead of the slight gather of the sleeves onto the cuffs I made a pleat instead.
But then I decided to challenge myself more. I was doing this dress the day before I met the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network. I was a little scared as I have been following many of these women’s blogs and find their sewing and styles very inspiring so I felt like I had something to live up to. So to up the anti even more on the morning of the meet up I created an obi to go with the dress.


I copied the shape from a cummerbund that I normally wear with this style of dress. The main fabric is from a brown cotton sheet (that I used as the pockets on my square skirt). I decided to use the fun red and green mushroom print cotton for the opposite side which I would wear with my original black version of this dress. The creation was straightforward but I forgot to take any photos. I traced out the cummerbund shape, added a stiff interfacing and sewed it all together then turned it in the right way. To ensure the interfacing didn’t crumple I topstitched on an argyll pattern through all the layers. On the brown side I used green thread and on the print side I used white thread.


Brown Obi with green thread.


Bright Print with white thread

I finished it all in time for the meet up. And even better the women I met were not scary at all! We had great yum cha, swapped patterns and fabric and showed off our works in progress. I will show off what I scored in the swap as I make them up and the wait shouldn’t be too long as one is already cut out.

Finally here is a full pic of my black rebound frock that inspired my last two makes.


Black rebound dress with mushroom obi


9 thoughts on “11/52 On the Rebound again and meeting new peeps

  1. Ooh, I didn’t see the other side of the mushroom obi when we met, I love it. The green dress is fab, but I’m thinking I like the red and mushrooms more šŸ™‚

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