Cardi Inspired by Kilt (part 1)

This mustard knit has been labouring in my stash for a couple of years since I picked it up from the Salvation Army store. I had always intended to make a copy of my kilt cardi.  I did one a few years ago and I don’t wear it much any more.  It is pretty simple just a rectangle with sleeves. I also don’t wear the original cardi much anymore as it has some bleach spots.


New and Old

This top is so comfy I have worn it for the last day and a half since I took it off the sewing machine. It is especially great because I copied the thumb holes from the original, which I bound in with the cuffs.


Thumb holes

And since it doesn’t look like much as a rectangle on the floor here it is in action.


Super comfy mustard cardi

And Alex and I being flying squirrels…


Flying Squirrels


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