12/52. Fashion…turn to the left…

While sifting through the remnants bin at Fabric Warehouse I came across this bolt of fabric just before I reached the counter. On a whim I got 2.5 metres and then when I went to the SPCA op shop I found the perfect pattern to go with it – Butterick see & sew 3502.


The fabric is a cream canvas with a bird and trees print. It is hard to describe so I think a picture does it justice better.


Pretty birdies

I cut it out with a bunch of other projects a few weeks ago and when Kat had a free ticket to a Wellington Fashion Weekend Show I knew a new dress was in order. I sat down to sew at 10am last Saturday and at noon when I had to leave to taken my son to a birthday party I had a finished dress.


By the big pink fashion week shoe

It could do with some tweaking at the top of the bust, but since I didn’t try it on till I had to leave I will either live with it or make the changes at some unknown future date.Ā  I took 8cm off the length of the skirt based on the finished length on the back of the pattern aselow the knee does not really suit me.


I love the shape of this dress, it has a high front bodice and a fun cross over black. The skirt is just two rectangles pleated which create a nice bell shape. As I was sewing the hem I realised I had forgotten pockets – they are not part of the pattern but this dress could easily accomodate them.


I also trotted this out to work a few days later and because it is made up in a heavy canvas and I have the perfect cardi that matches I think I will be able to wear it a bit more as the weather turns cooler.


I loved the Millicent show, her colours and styling were great especially dresses and pastel coloured skirts.Ā 


The robyn mathieson show also had some bold colours and nice dresses.Ā  I loved a red coat but it is a bit beyond my price range. I tried taking some photos but my camera was a bit slow and I kept getting distracted by the next pretty thing coming out.


Finally my best outake photo to date…



8 thoughts on “12/52. Fashion…turn to the left…

  1. Got to watch out for those fabric bolts that jump out at you on your way to the counter! Hehe – super sweet birdies, they made such a pretty dress, I would have grabbed some of that too!

  2. I love this fabric, it’s great. There are some real gems to be found in FW’s remnants bin! As for the pattern, I think it’s a great fit on you. I’ll be off to the op shop soon šŸ™‚ I’m not commenting on the outtake photo…

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