More Skirts – a couple of cords.

At christmas when shopping in Palmerston North I picked up this cute green cord. It reminds me of the bad christmas sweaters that you see on American tv shows. I instantly pictured a simple straight skirt in a similar style to a jean skirt and it was only $8 a metre.

I used Simplicity 7142 that I used for my square skirt. This time I omitted the waistband and made an interfaced cotton facing. I remembered to insert pockets in the side seams using green cotton napkins that I have been saving for this kind of thing. When it came to putting in the zipper I had a bunch of skirt length zips but to be different I decided to go with an exposed black metal zip. I don’t really like the trend of exposed zips but I think it is growing on me especially as they are really easy to put in this way.


Pockets, waistband, zip

In my cutting out I carefully lined up the stripes in the pieces and to my relief when I sewed it up they matched. If I used this pattern again…and I’m sure I will… I need to remove about 5cms off the length of the skirt as I have had to remove it off both skirts made so far.


Since it is winter I also got another piece of cord from the Salvation Army for about $6. This has a wider wale than the green and I managed to eek out a skirt by making the pockets and waistband from different material. I chose a different skirt pattern – Simplicity 9104. I like the square pocket tops and the yoke at the back which I think gets a little lost on this fabric.
I shortened the skirt to knee length and did a cut and slash on the pattern to fit my measurements – which worked quite nicely.
I decided to have a little fun since this is a boring brown cord skirt so I made pockets and waistband facing from the red cotton with green mushrooms that I used on my obi.


Cheeky mushrooms

I also finished the insides with hong kong seams using ladybird bias binding from Made on Marion.


Cute seams

I managed to do a covered zip fly and another buttonhole to finished the waistband. Overall this is a very comfy skirt that I have worn to work and around about at weekends… and I have finally got around to taking a photo with me in it!


3 thoughts on “More Skirts – a couple of cords.

  1. I love corduroy skirts, so comfy and touchable. The reindeer one is very cool, bet lots of people are staring at your behind trying to work out the print ha ha!

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