Wow oh wow did I make some stuff!!! After doing one class last year I decided to go the whole hog this year and book in the weekend. It was a bit of a juggling act to get to all the classes I wanted to, but I was happy with the balance I got to. I collated all my materials with all fabric required coming from my stash and only had to buy supplies for my stamp making class and a kimono to repurpose. Since I have taken so long to post this it will be just the pictures…my brain can’t type today but I am feeling generous at the end.

First was my braided rug which I am using as a shower mat.

My next class was one of my favourites – making a Macaron Pouch
Which opens up

Then I re-worked a Kimono into a skirt… it needs a little re-work

Then I made a Zakka Style Travelling Sewing kit

The next day I went back for more and did some Screen Printing


I listen to Rosemary McLeod talk about history we can learn from the rag bag and got plenty of inspiration.

Then I made a doorstop

Finally I had a great time making hand carved stamps – robots and abtracts.

At the end I was exhausted but pleased that I had completed so many things and I can see myself making more.

As a reward for you coming on this pictorial journey with me I have a give away… a different creation that I have finally completed…

A sock monkey coin purse (one of those pictured above) which is big enough to hold eftpos cards but small enough to fit in your pocket. Just comment below and I will annouce a winner next Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Handmade!

  1. Dear gods woman … U have been so damned busy 🙂 Need a card holder for my trip to oz in a couple of weeks .. Do you do fone sleeves as well?? what are you using for the screen printing patterns? I guess they are mono print ones only. keep working hard and HI to the rest of the team ..:)

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