13/52 Burda Brown Bear

I am keen to do sew-along challenges but in May I struggled to sew at all due to EVERYTHING ELSE IN LIFE so to complete the Burda Sew along I cheated a little in that I used a pattern that I had traced out several years ago and never used (in-fact I only recently re-found it in my sewing room when sorting stuff out). The fact that I didn’t get a photo of my dress until July even through I have worn it several times is also a reflection of the busyness.
I cut this dress from a brown knit that I got from a Fabric Warehouse sale several years ago. It is quite stretchy so I used my walking foot to avoid rippling seams and pulling on the fabric – this seemed to work quite well. I had just bought my mannequin so I draped it over her briefly, then I got concerned about the neck line seeming so huge and potentially stretching more so I went and bound it up with bias tape. Then I tried it on… and it looked STUPID! The neckline was huge -not stretched at all- just the pleats had slipped as I sewed them and some width needed to be removed from the back. So I threw it in the corner and sulked.

A week later I got my un-picker out and removed the bias binding, re-pinned the pleats, took the back in and rebound with new binding (this time with fancy knit binding that I got the Starfish workroom sale that perfectly matches my fabric. I also bound the armholes and finished the hem with a small hem.
The final touch was to handsew this great red crocheted trim that I got from Made on Marion around the neck line. Which I did on my lunchbreak at work. It was very peaceful.

This has turned out as a comfy weekend dress. For a “plus sized” Burda pattern it is not a shapeless sack like many of their larger patterns are. I think the drapey knit helps. I love the pleats…It was worth all the unpicking to get them right.


6 thoughts on “13/52 Burda Brown Bear

  1. Sandra – Emma just shared your blog with me and I’ve done a quick scan of all your entries and I’m very proud of my friend. You’ve done some great work! xx

  2. What a great dress and not cheating at all to use a pattern you’ve already traced! I’m so impressed with all you unpicking and re-doing! Your commitment puts me to shame hahaha

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