Ladybird and Batfish

It is mid-July so lets talk about my attempt at Me Made May (MMM). The fact that I am only just posting about it adds to my uselessness below.

This year I have attempted MMM‘13 and discovered two things:

1. I am useless at taking photos of myself. I need a tripod and no children standing beside me.

These two always creep into the pics!

2. I love dresses but I need more basics especially for weekend wear. To begin to address this I made the ladybird shrug and the batfish.

The ladybird shrug was inspired by the sale table at spotlight where I found this bright red knit with white spots (I know that ladybirds have black spots but I feel like a ladybird when I wear it as I normally pair it with a black dress).
I thought this fabric would make a great weekend cardi paired with jeans and a plain tee.
Then one Friday night as I was cutting out fabric I decided to go with this 90s shrug pattern instead… or maybe as well… as I have a lot of fabric left over. This is a bold piece that works well at work with a black dress and also for the weekends as casual wear.
Mixing up the patterns in the work bathroom the other day.

My other recent creation is due to the unfortunate liquidation of starfish. They held a couple of workroom sales and I snaffled bias binding, some lace inserts, fabric remnants and a few lengths off the bolt. At the workroom I was asked if I was going to put this into the stash or make something straight away.

I took this as a challenge and went home and straight to the sewing room. I cut out my basic bat wing top that I used before but not sure if I have blogged about. I bound the necklines and sleeves with orange bias that I got from an op-shop. For the bottom hem I used a remnant of grey knit from the fabric warehouse. I don’t have a pattern piece for the waistband so I got really scientific and just wrapped the fabric around my waist and sewed the seams. As usual once I had completed everything I tried it one… and it was a ridiculous SACK. I have no photo evidence as I was angry at myself for getting to this point, so I slept on it and woke up with a solution. I cut the knit band off and put on the top inside out so I could pin in my side seams. I ended up taking in about an inch off each side (off the front and the back) about 4 inches in total off the width. I adjusted the batwing curve, sewed and overlocked the side seams, did a basic hem and the Batfish top was born! It is perfect weekend wear with jeans and a long sleeve tee underneath and I am sure it will sneak into my work wear as well.


6 thoughts on “Ladybird and Batfish

  1. I thought you were doing a great job of getting shots of yourself. Isn’t that what hubby is for anyway!!!!

    • He does take most of my shots. For Me Made May you are supposed to record daily the me Made things your wore – daily photos did not work for me as there was never enough time in the morning and by the evening I had changed into something else half the time.

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