15/52 Super Easy Wrap Dress

ByI have not been 100% recently and it has got cold in my sewing room so I lost my sewjo (sewing mojo) for a while there.  The only thing I managed to make was another cowl/scarf.


Made from a remnant of black wool from Fabric Warehouse and some awesome cassette tape cotton from Made on Marion.  It was just three straight lines and I felt like I had done something!

The other thing I managed was sitting in front of the fire cutting out projects.  The super easy burda wrap dress was one of these projects and today I sewed it up and just like on the packet it was Super Easy.


In cutting out this dress it required 1.7m of 140cm fabric, but I only had quilting cotton, which is 114cm wide, and not quite enough of it.  So ignoring the layout instructions and folding the fabric so the pattern pieces grainline was turned by 90° I managed to cut it out with only a handful of scraps. The front in cut on the fold, the back has a seam and the only other pieces are the neck facings and ties.  It is a pretty simple pattern.

I had planned on doing a contrast binding for the skirt edges, similar to what is done on the retro Butterick pattern B4790. But I am useless at making binding… I cut it too thin…again.  I followed the pattern until I tried it on and the underside of the wrap showed through too much.  To fix this and to counter the Wellington wind I sewed down the side seams fgollowing the hem lin I had already made.


I love this fabric but it is awful to photograph and show the details of the wrap front.


It is a pretty simple dress.


Unwrapped it looks slightly odd.


But I can switch it up and wrap it to the back.


So Super Easy Burda lived up to its name and hopefully helped me get my sewing groove back on.


14 thoughts on “15/52 Super Easy Wrap Dress

  1. Pretty dress! I have lost my sewjo to the cold as well, I don’t want to try anything on as it’s too cold so I have only made non-clothing items in winter so far.

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