Sew Cake… Eat cake

Since meeting the Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network I have been challenged in my sewing knowing others are looking at it, also by the challenges we seem to keep setting ourselves. The latest is the Cake sew along.

It started with wanting to eat Tiramisu wearing a Tiramisu by Cake Patterns.


Mmmmmmm Tiramisu

Then some of us wanted to eat Pavlova wearing Pavlova


Mmmmmm Pavlova

so we decided on eating Cake (or high tea) while wearing cake (any pattern we chose).

A bulk order of patterns was put in and with some swapping of patterns, raiding of the stash or purchasing more fabric at Arthur Toyes 50% winter sale we are all set!

Then we thought… lets invite the internet to our Cake Day. So on Sunday 28 th July we will be having Cake in our cake. We are pretty generous in this description so if you want to join in – even just wearing a pretty dress and eating cake, you could meet up with others or take a photo and post it…and it’s like an online party.

If you want to get clever Mel also made a pretty badge for us and for your blog here.


So far I have cut out my Pavlova skirt from a black/grey/white blend I got on sale and a Pavlova top from a Red knit that has been keeping my stash nice and warm for the last few years. Now I had better get sewing this weekend.


Also from my Handmade post (link to handmade) the winner of the sock monkey purse is Wayne. Remind me of your postal address by email and I will put it in the post to you.


10 thoughts on “Sew Cake… Eat cake

  1. Yayyyyy cake is awesome! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Now for the hard decision – do I feeling like making Tiramisu or Hummingbird? Hmmm…..

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