Let Us Eat Cake!

I love pretty clothes and I love pretty plates so when the WSBN bloggers put forward the idea of Cake High Tea I put my hand up to host.  I have a bunch of cake plates and china that need using and the amount of food that arrived in my house filled ALL the plates.

Everyone turned up wearing their Cake – there were Pavlova’s, Tiramisu’s and Hummingbirds as well as other cake patterns. 


Back row: Nicola, Marylouise, Me, Zara, Mel, Emma, Johanna, Joy, Holly, Maryanne, Sandra
Front: Nikki, Wendy, Gemma

The plates they bought contained sausage rolls, weetbix slice, salmon blinis, chocolate pots, banana muffins, cupcakes and louise slice.

pavlova, Tiramisu, lemon drizzle cake, truffles, gingerbread cake, chocolate éclairs, cheesecake, cucumber sandwiches and asparagus rolls,

There was much twirling of skirts, eating of cake, drinking of tea, welcoming new members, taking of photos and talk, talk, talk.


The Pavlova set

At the end of the day I was FULL and satisfied from great company.

Thanks to everyone and I cannot wait till we all meet again.


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