Sew-Jo T-Shirts and a name needed

So I recently re-found my sewing mojo (a.k.a Sew-Jo) and had a burst of sewing which I think I have just about caught up on writing about.  One of the things that inspired this sew-jo was tidying my sewing room as it was like a fabric explosion in there while it is not pristine and neat it is definitely a lot more user friendly.  Part of this was sorting out my patterns – they now all live in a large plastic box with dividers between the categories.  I have an excel sheet with these categories and the pattern numbers with the intention of getting this all into evernote… one day.  This helped me re-prioritise my up-coming projects and one of the patterns that rose to the top of the list was a basic t-shirt pattern that I have found on the interweb one day.  The Blank Canvas tee is  a free download pattern which you are encouraged to make your own.  After sticking the A4 sheets together I decided to trace off the pattern so I did not need to deal with stiff photocopy paper that was badly stuck together (I ran out of sticky tape halfway through and went with little strips of gaffer tape).

Steph of recommends making a muslin before using your favourite fabric and I did this to check the fit after my recent issues with the Pavlova Skirt.  I had some odd knit that I picked up for $1.50 from the Salvation Army Store.
I loved it but did not realise it was a weird shape until I took it out for this project.  It was not quite long enough for the bodice and it was a strange wedge shape so I ended up trimming up the wonky edges and piecing up the rest of the front and back with a dark blue knit (also from the op shop).  I used this same dark blue as the bands on the sleeves and neck to make it look like it was intentional.


Angled back band

I sewed all the seams on my overlocker and only did the top stitching on my regular machine.  This is my first time sewing a garment this way so I hope it holds up in the wash.  I did not hem it as the knit was cut cleanly and it was “just a muslin”.  I tried it on and I love the fit – it is perfect.  I ended up wearing it for the rest of the day – even out of the house – so I think it is presentable and definitely a great wearable muslin. 
I need to tweak the neckline – it is a bit high for my liking and I have not perfected the tension suggested in applying the binding.  Next time I intend to do more of a scoop neck or a boat neck – or probably both as I can see myself making this many times.

Future Tees


I love it


And so does Lewis!

My tidying of the sewing room was in part to make room for my new friend who has arrived… the lady in red. 


My dress form... she needs a name

Apparently all dress forms need a name and I am not inspired to think of one so I am putting it out to you – my friends.  All suggestions commented below (and you can put as many in as you like) will go into a hat and I will draw out one.  I promise that I will use this winning name for her and you will be rewarded with a piece of random fabric from my stash (maybe even a pattern).  If you don’t sew I will send you chocolate instead.

So help me out and give my lady a name.  I will pick a winner this time next week.


10 thoughts on “Sew-Jo T-Shirts and a name needed

  1. My lady is called Scarlett 😉 and I really like Ruby too. How are you finding her? I love mine! Ohh ohh. how about Expandra, like Sandra, except that she, uh, expands…ok, I’ll be quiet now 😉

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