17/52 Another Brown Burda… this time with a slight mullet

I have had this Burda pattern on my to-sew list for many years.  I finally got round to making it a few weeks ago using some brown knit fabric from my starfish sale stash.

I made no adjustments out of the packet and sewed it up at a Fabric Hoarders sewing day.  As it is a knit I did not finish my seams, except to topstitch down the neck band.  I used a pant zipper as an external zipper on the back, it is short as I only need it to close the neck due to the stretch in the knit.  The skirt has a slightly high-low hem hence it has a slight mullet, but it is not too extreme. IMG_20130926_102953

Unfortunately I do not like the armholes but I did not have enough fabric for sleeves.  The armholes are too big and floppy, so I might either put a little capped sleeve on or turn the hem under another time to make them sit narrower from the end of my shoulders.

IMG_20130926_102927I decided to ask my work colleague to help with my photos today and use the wall on my floor with amazing textured wallpaper that matches my hair!


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