FlossieFT’s Essential Floof

The other day Johanna stated that she needed a petticoat for essential floof, we all agreed and then we all agreed that WE needed floof too!


I have been thinking about making a tiered petticoat for a while but was not sure on what material to use. There are a bunch of tutorials out there but I couldn’t feel the fabric. So after much Facebook discussion, some googling and seeing Joy’s actual petticoat I was determined to make one. I took the last of the tricot off the role at Arthur Toyes and got sewing.

I made this in one night when the boys were all away, so I had no distractions and was feeling motivated. I mostly followed Maryannes tutorial I done some basic maths with googles assistance and done a rough calculation based on the 5m of fabric I had bought. I wanted a 3/4 circle for the yoke…bit sure why now but it seemed like the right idea at the time. I cut out the yoke and then cut two strips 30cm x 5m approx ( the length of my fabric. And one strip 40cm x 3m approx. These are approximates as I just cut big strips and they got slightly adjusted when I sewed it up.

Mel suggested using a gathering foot in our discussions and I had one from my box of feet purchase earlier in the year. I had no idea how it worked so youtube showed me how. I did a test run and was happy with how it work and I was off!

I decided to make a multi layered petticoat. So my yoke is one layer with the 40cm width gathered in the middle and attached to the yoke on the gather line. The bottom layers are the 30cm strips gathered in the middle and attached to the middle layers on the gather line. This pic may explain it a little.
I laid it out on the floor to make sure the layers were roughly close in length and got the ok from my facebook supporters that I was on the right track.


I added the lace before I built the layers together. It was off a big roll of lace I got from fabric-a-brac for $2. For the waistband I used a piece of wide elastic from my stash that a zig zagged onto the yoke.

Overall it was LOTS of straight lines and swearing at it taking forever… and I put the lace on upside down… and there are loose threads all over it… and don’t look too closely at one of the seams…. but I am happy with it.

More importantly… here it is in action…


Top right has no petticoat and bottom left does.

I also wore it with my pavlova.


And I even wore it to work the other day… but I forgot to take a photo.  I did feel extremely elegant all day though.

And thanks to the great suggestions for naming my lady in red dress form.

The winner by random is:

random numberWendy – so my dress forms name is now Tallulah.  Thanks Wendy i will kepp my word and find a fabric in my stash for you and maybe some chocolate.



8 thoughts on “FlossieFT’s Essential Floof

    • Thanks Joy – it was your inspiration that got me going. I think i want to make another – and after wearing it to work and not getting any silly looks i feel like it is a usable item!

  1. That dress was a stunner on Saturday night. Definitely think you should go for making another one of them.

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