Matchy Matchy Penguins… or the cute and the ridiculous.

A few weeks ago I picked up this cute penguin fabric from the Salvation Army store. It is a polyester with a soft/light texture on the printed side.

I bought it to make one of one boys a hoodie… but it is very cute and I do like riduculous clothing, so I thought I could sneak it as a top for myself. So I asked facebook if it was for Lewis or for me… and they replied… FOR LEWIS! So I felt guilty and found my kids sweatshirt pattern – a kwik sew one from the op shop. In laying out the fabric I knew I would have to use a stash black knit for the bands and other parts as I only had just over a metre.
I managed to fit the front of my top and the front/back/hood of the hoodie for Lewis. The rest I got out of black stash knit and repurposing an old tee for the armbands asnd waistband of the hoodie.


Lewis pile on the left, mine on the right.

I finished the hoodie on Wednesday night but the boy was fast asleep so I tried it on ted and left it there for the morning.
I was happy with the result, I think I need to re-do the waistband as it is a little tight, and the hood is a little small as I traced it off an existing top, which if I recall now, is also a little small.
I made another Blank Canvas tee for myself which took no time on Saturday morning to whip up. I love the shape of this top. The side seam does not go down the middle of the side, it goes more towards the back.
So here we are… matchy matchy… him being cute and me being ridiculous.

And just one more cause he is so cute.



9 thoughts on “Matchy Matchy Penguins… or the cute and the ridiculous.

  1. So cool that you managed to get two items out of that length! 🙂 I like that your t-shirt is black on the back, that makes it wearable, like as in outside-wearable 😉 Lewis is such a sweetie, and very lucky to also get some penguins.

  2. Hello Sandra, Melissa of The Curious Kiwi directed me to you, saying you liked my Nougat dress pattern. If you’re interested in getting it, please email me at anajan.stepalica[at]gmail[dot]com.

  3. Not ridiculous at ALL. I have a t-shirt with little piggies on it that I wear to work… with my skirt that has a big bow at the waist 😀

    …sometimes I think I go a bit OTT

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