16/52 Jiffy Dress

This fabric drew me in, I circled the fabric warehouse when their recent sale was on and I kept coming back to this grey/red/black cotton sateen.  I got 2 metres thinking the directional pattern would be fun to re-attempt the pavlova skirt.  Then when it came to cutting out time I decided to do the Jiffy dress instead.

IMG_20130803_214638I had been waiting to make this simple pattern for a while and i needed to find the fabric that worked with it.  The finished measurements on the packet was 110 cm from the neck.  I got Andrew to measure me before I cut out and this meant I could reduce the length by 10 cms for my preferred finished skirt length – just at knee length.  It also meant I could fit my pieces into the 2m of fabric I had, the photo below shows where i shortened the length (and my knees as a bonus).
This pattern is the same age as me – 1977 – and I like its simple lines.  It was a cheap op-shop find and it was in my size and still machine folded/uncut. It is designed for knits so I decided the stretch in the cotton sateen might not be enough so I added in a 35cm zip in my back seam.  I hand picked my zip as I thought it would take the same time as re-sewing it twice by machine when I made the enevitable slips/mistakes.

I also decided to add in pockets in some scrap fabric, but I added them a little low… a lesson for next time.  But I am learning some things as I actually tried it on before finishing all my seams and I took the front seam in by 1 cm and the back in by about 3 cm for a better fit.  My biggest trip up was when I trimmed the neckline I accidentally pinked a hole in the body of the dress.  I put some interfacing on the back and satin stitched.  It is almost invisible due to the print of the fabric.


White patch in middle is hole

I love the neckline finishing which is a simple detail of parallel stitching that ensures the facing lies flat.  I also handstitched down my armhole facings for tidiness, but I did machine stich my hem (as I usually do).
It looks great…If I say so myself. I have worn it many times already – just been slow at getting photos. Hopefully I will get one of me in it in Frocktober.


3 thoughts on “16/52 Jiffy Dress

  1. I really like your fabric, that was a real find. I like the neckline as well. I can see how this could be a very easy wear. I’m sure it look great on you.

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