Frocktober 2013

Since I was a bit useless at Me Made May, I have decided to do Frocktober instead.  I am making a dress (or two) for the Monthly Stitch challenge and I plan to wear dresses all October.  This is not too much a challenge for me as I do tend to wear dresses most days of the week, but I am also going to try and wear a different dress each day.  This will also mean that by the end of the month I should have shared many more of my me-made dresses that I completed before the start of this year when I started blogging.  So as not too bore you I am going to do a summary of my daily photos of dresses each week.

So to show you what I am working with I made a spreadsheet of my dresses (I love excel almost as much as I love sewing).  This showed that I own A LOT of frocks. So I made a chart of their source – me-made, shop bought or thrifted/op-shop.piechart

Then I decided to add the variable of base colour – this was a bit harder as many of my dresses are multi colours as I LOVE patterns, so I went with the dominant colour to make this chart. Most of the black ones have another colour in chartAnyway enough of the charting geekiness and on with the last weeks dresses.

Tuesday 1st – Jiffy Dress (me-made) that I have yet to blog about and that I missed taking a photo of, as I went to the gym – lesson learnt take photos earlier in the day.  So here it is on my dress form instead.


Wednesday 2nd – Black rebound (thrifted).  I love this basic dress and it is the inspiration for this and this one.


Thursday 3rd – TS Black and Orange tunic (shop bought).  I got this on sale at the start of the year.  It is really light so I layer up underneath in spring.


Friday 4th – Spots and Dots Dress (me-made), a recent favourite with more details


Saturday 5th – Super Easy Wrap dress (me-made), previously written up here.


Sunday 6th – TS Grey and Black Striped maxi dress (shop bought).  I also got this on sale at the start of the year. It is a comfy weekend dress. Photo on the floor as I was not feeling photogenic

Monday 7th – Grey and Aqua Shift dress (me-made). This is Butterick B5210.  I made this for my brother’s wedding 1 ½ years ago.  It is a cotton print with a cotton/silk interlining.  The bands are a scalloped ribbon from starfish workroom sale a few years ago. I don’t normally look this blurry.

So are you doing anything for Frocktober?


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