Halloween costumes

This Halloween I made some costumes.

First up was a pair of Ninja Turtle for my boys

The front is a double layer of yellow fleece and tne sides are held with safety pins as I was not sure on the final fit since in finished them while they slept.


The back was a knit remnant that I drew shell pattern on with a fabric pen and it is stuffed with pillow stuffing. Weapons were made with print outs, cardboard and cellotape. The masks, knee and arm bands were just strips of cotton torn to size.

The boys loved them and went trick or treating to a few neighbouring houses in the rain and have worn them on and off since.


Even ninja turtles need some quiet reading time

I have a friend who is nicknamed Oscar who requested a Tigger onesie. I decided it would be more appropriate to make an Oscar the Grouch grown up size. This was a surprise gift so I had to guess size and thankfully I got it right.

I got some green fun fur that looked the right shade on sale from Spotlight. I was a bit scared of sewing the fur, but it was actually quite easy. The hardest part was vacuuming the lounge floor after cutting it out.

I made the eye brows from some fluffy yarn that I finger knitted twice then sewed in place. I could not find googly eyes big enough so I went to Made Marion and got the biggest white/cream buttons and some flat black ones. They are not as googly as I would have liked but I think they work well. The hood is lined in knit for added comfort.

Here is Oscar in action on me.

Of course Oscar is always in his garbage can so I made one of those. I used a grey knit remnant from the fabric warehouse bin sewn into a tube, which I then attached to a hula hoop. Do you know how hard it is to sew around a hula hoop on your sewing machine! The ribbons over the shoulders are tied so it can be adjusted to appropriate can height for the wearer.

Finally in other crazy costume onesies, earlier this year my friend and I made 4 animal onesies to wear up skiing/boarding. They all use the same basic pattern as above but are made in fleece with different embellishments depending on the animal.


My Owl


With wings








Penguin front.

And who could resist these boys.


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