Christmas is coming…

I have been getting festive…and dangerous with the hot glue gun. I was inspired by pintrest christmas decorations and managed to rummage through the stash to find some fun scraps for my makes.

I started with my key pinterest make which is a set of Retro fabric lights. I found some cute scraps a fabric and made a basic template based on the tutorial at Kojo Designs. For the reels at the top I gave a vague description to Mrs C at Made Marion and she led me to these cute little wooden cotton reels that are a little over 1cm high.
I didn’t have any flash red/white bakers twine so I used embroidery thread. I only deviated from the tutorial by sewing the thread into the top of the ‘bulbs’ instead of gluing it to the fabric. I would have taken photos of this but I was too busy burning my thumb on the hot glue gun…also not part of the tutorial.
I am stoked with how this turned out and may make another set soon.

I also intend to create some felt decorations but I haven’t finished them yet, including some fleece Gingerbread men. Decorations are not complete as I got distracted by making some neck pillows for the boys for Christmas.

I basically winged the pattern by measuring the youngest around the neck, creating a U shape and cutting out a bunch! I made the yellow piping using some thin cord and bias tape (again from Made Marion). Everything else was from the stash. The inners are cotton and filled with beanbag beans.
I made a couple of extras for my nieces as presents.

Also my friend Ness who I have known forever has started a blog of her crafty
creations. So If you want to be inspired by more Christmas decorations check out Nowls Nest


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