19/52 Vintage Vogue 6078

In contrast to my last bleak posting… I LOVE this dress.  I sewed it at a Fabric Hoarders sewing session and then finished it off at the sewing weekend away and it has been worn many times since.  I do not have a creative name for this dress as I always referred to it as my vintage vogue dress, in fact I was supposed to post it for the Monthly Stitch Vintage Challenge but I missed that deadline!  I got the pattern from Fabric-a-brac at the start of the year.  It is basically my size – I only graded up a little to ensure my hips fitted in.


The fabric is a cotton sateen from the sale table at Spotlight that I fell in love with.  I was a little concerned that the print might be too busy for the simplicity of the dress.   I also get wary when there are only plain fabrics used on the pattern images.  But it works!

My favourite part of this dress is the shaping panels on the front that have pockets with a welt style flap. I did manage to put one set of pockets on the wrong way as I had not fully registered all of the notches on the imprinted pattern pieces. After a quick unpick and many flipping around of the pieces I got them all lined up nicely.
The rest of the dress was a dream to sew. I had a little fitting issue due to the size of my rump, but Caroline helped me fit it properly by reducing my seam allowances in the hips and back.

I have worn it to a wedding and to work. It is amazingly comfy and soft but looks great.




9 thoughts on “19/52 Vintage Vogue 6078

  1. Fantastic dress, the print is just right for it. I’m usually far too influenced by the pattern illustration too but you made a good choice with the fabric.

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