21/52 Here’s Ethel

She is bright and ready for summer.
I waited 24 hours to buy this fabric, which was a risk since it was at the Arthur Toyes half price sale, but I wanted to have a clear view on what I would make with it. I used the bodice of Butterick 5748 which I have used here and here, so I knew fit would not be a problem. For the skirt I made two rectangles, each using the full width of the fabric and pleated it into place.

Ethel is my new summer favourite and she has already had a couple of outings.
Wellington summer has been better than these pics show.

But it is still windy Wellington.
And when you take photos on the waterfront it can get interesting.


8 thoughts on “21/52 Here’s Ethel

  1. Great fabric and cute dress! I always look at these sorts of fabrics and wonder what you could do with them, now I know.
    Dresses in Wellington – yeah – Have to make sure your undies are pretty, is all I can say.

    • Thanks – it did get me thinking for a while and I love prints so I had to be certain how I would use it. I have plans for tap pants in the future to wind proof some of my dresses.

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