20/52 Rainbow Nougat dress

There have been hints and peeks of this dress in progress and now she is finally finished.



It is my Rainbow Nougat dress.  This pattern was kindly given to me by AnaJan of Stepalica to make.


 I leapt at the chance to challenge myself.  And it was a challenge, but in a good way.  When reading through the instructions I was inspired by the suggestion to make a rainbow version.

I made a rough mock up in paint as seen below to get the balance of colours.  I knew the main skirt would be green (my favourite) and just cycled through the rainbow from there.


I had to grade up the pattern one size based on my measurements at the time.  I was worried about this with so many pieces but it was actually easy as the multi-panel bodice is actually one pattern piece that you trace off the different sections adding your seam allowance.  I also did not want the diamond in the middle of the chest as I thought I has enough on my chest as it is.  So I hacked the pattern a little more to make all the “triangles” meet in the middle


I did make a muslin as I was concerned about the fit.  I used the lining which is a simple bodice with a Y shaped dart at the bottom.  I am glad I did this as I had to re-cut the skirt with a bit more room in the waist/hips for my booty.  I did a split as shown below with the original yoke piece over the new.wpid-IMG_20130907_155911.jpgFor the bodice I cut the pieces two at a time and sewed each as I cut them so I didn’t get confused. I traced the pieces out using carbon and a tracing wheel, then I added on the seam allowance to cut out.  I also changed things a little which means my sides do not match perfectly as I folded my bodice and back down the middle and made each half identical instead of the more spiral designed by Ana.

tracing, tracing, tracing

tracing, tracing, tracing

I started this dress in late August, I got it almost finished at my sewing weekend away at the start of October, and then I scared.  Scared that I had done all this work and it would not fit, scared that it would look ridiculous on, and scared that I would get this close the finishing and I would make a big mistake.  So it went to the bottom of the pile.


So close to finishing

Finally I got brave, and knowing I had lost 5kgs I sewed up my side seams with the smallest seam allowance…and it was too big, so I made them a normal seam allowance that I had cut it for, and it fits, and could probably go a little smaller but I didn’t want to push my luck.  The darts are a little pointy, but I think with everything else going on in this dress they are not a big problem.  The Rainbow Nougat got its debut at the WSBN Christmas picnic


Above is up close with the detail of the spiral and darts. Below the side views.


I love the end result but this Rainbow was a rollercoaster ride of sewing.


7 thoughts on “20/52 Rainbow Nougat dress

  1. What a great and colorful start of the new year! I’ve been waiting impatiently for this dress to get featured on your blog. I really like all the bright colors and the rainbow effect! I also like how you altered the pattern to avoid the gathers.
    Thank you for taking the ride with the Nougat dress!
    I hope the 2014 will be as cheerful as its beginning is!

  2. This is so cool 🙂 I love colours as well as the pattern, so I’m glad you managed to push through the tough parts and get it done for summer!

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