Summer Holiday book finds

While on holiday I went to the Quota Book fest in Opotiki and managed to pick up these great books.  I also got a few novels, but they are not as interesting or pretty.

imageThis is one of my favourite pages of the The Complete Book of Sewing (Published in 1947) as it states when sewing should be social (checking for fit) and when it is alone work (concentrating on cutting out).  My Mum and I browsed through this for about an hour and will definitely be using it as a regular resource in my sewing.


Accent on Sewing is slightly newer as it was published in the 1970s.  This page appealed to me due to my RTW Fast for the year.


I want to challenge myself this year with sewing leather, so I picked up How to Sew Leather Suede and Fur.  It does have many helpful tips but I got distracted by this section on how to make your own mink stole.


Clothing and Textiles is a Home Economics text book from the local college and it has lots of basic information.


Another old textbook is Fashion Design, once you can get past the 1980’s drawings in inspiration images, there is some really good stuff.


Finally the cover of Patchwork Quilting drew me in – I would love to make a big loud quilt similar to the picture below.


I didn’t take any pics of the inside of the knitting book as I think I got distracted.  I also got a few sewing magazines, the stitches on with a special on Overlockers is interesting as I got mine from the Op-Shop and cannot find a manual for it.  It has given me a few tips and ideas to try.


The Burda is all in German and is all embroidery stitching but there are a couple of inspiration images that I think I can work out how to do.

Finally the Golden Hands is older than me and the pattern is fully intact.  It also has a drafted wrap skirt that I will definitely be giving a go.


4 thoughts on “Summer Holiday book finds

  1. Woah, my friend, the Accent on Sewing, Complete Book of Sewing and Fashion Design look like terrific finds!! I actually have the Constance Talbot one on CD, but it’s not really the same as being able to open it and peruse is it?

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