Copycat Miss Chalmers

Recently Kat from Modern Vintage Cupcakes posted her Miss Chalmers skirt, I was inspired to make my own so got a copy of Home Sewn from the library and traced out the pattern. It is four simple pieces and as I sit just at the edge of the largest size I easily graded it up one size.

This green fabric called to me at Arthur Toyes. Gemma of Sixty Six Stitches had made it up as a dress but for me it was definitely going to be a skirt. I was thinking a pegged pencil or inspired by a woman at work a knock off of this Annah Stretton skirt.

 MG 4568

But all the best plans change and instead Miss Chalmers got spots.


I cut this out one night (quite late) after tracing the pattern and sewed it up the next night. It is a super easy skirt to make and I love it for work or casual.
I definitely see more of these in my pipeline.



10 thoughts on “Copycat Miss Chalmers

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  2. Bloody marvelous. I adore your bright colorful style, this is classy, contemporary, gorgeous! Who needs designer labels!

    In my feed before this post was a post with your rainbow dress and your star dress, but when I clicked through to comment they were both missing! Do I just want to say that they’re both fantastic dresses too. I love seeing what you make!

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