23/52 Beryl

After a week and a half back at work i want to go back to the beach so I will do so in pictures by introducing Beryl – Ethel’s little sister. She is a little zig and a little zag.

imageBeryl is Ethel’s little sister as I bought the fabric at the same from Arthur Toyes.  I had it washed and ready and just needed to find the right pattern.  I knew I wanted a sundress but all the ones i dragged from my pattern stash were too paneled so would upset the chevrons of this awesome Robert Kauffman quilting cotton.  Just before going away as i was sorting projects to do at Mum’s found the right pattern -Simplicity 9241 from 1980.CAM00441

I bought the bias binding at the same time as the fabric as it matched in nicely.  I used it as piping (without the cord) around the panel on the bodice and as binding on the top of the bodice and as a hem binding.

This pattern was a one size too small for me so I sized it up as per my measurements and then when I test the fit of the bodice I had to take out everything I had added to the back but the front was perfect.  Along the way Mum helped with the fitting, gave advise about how I could do parts and supported my when Dad asked why I was not following the instructions on the pattern.  We did get distracted by the two books below for an hour when I looked up what length I should make the new darts in the back of the skirt (to adjust for the smaller bodice).  What should have been a 5 minute task actually lasted over afternoon tea and them some before I got back to the sewing.imageAlso the dress needed something to break up the middle – especially where the bodice and skirt patterns/chevrons come together so Mum suggested a belt.  I used the last of my wide Bias tape, so interfacing and a strip of my fabric (excess hem length cut off) to make a wee velcro bow belt.


So here is Beryl.  With all her chevrony goodness.
imagePsst behind me is White Island can you see it???

It is beneath the arrow in the picture below.

As per the pattern this dress has side pockets, but I changed the zip to a side zip, instead of in the back, which ends at the waist seam



imageThe perfect summer dress.  I even wore her to work the other day with a little cardi to keep the feeling of holiday going.

imageBut this is what we were really at the beach for – kids swimming, husband fishing, parents with contiki out, finding shells and having a blissful time.



4 thoughts on “23/52 Beryl

  1. These colours look great on you and it’s very beachy-summery, yay, I hope summer lasts for ages this year since all I’ve been sewing is summer dresses – it rained my first day at work and I couldn’t think of what to wear that wasn’t a summer dress!

    • I just find a cardi and wear it anyway. It was great to return to work with a few new makes in the wardrobe – it made it easier to get dressed as i just wanted to show off the new stuff – the weather be damned!

  2. This is gorgeous! I reckon the ’80s did great sun dresses, it’s kind of hard find decent modern ones. I love the bright colours and the shape and the way you’ve played with the chevrons. It’s gorgeous!

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