A trio of skirts

I have made a few skirts in the last couple of weeks, so in no particular order I will start with the brightest – another Miss Chalmers. This time she is bright and sassy, made from cotton/poly blend from the remnants table at Arthur Toye.

I sewed the perfect zip, as I did it ‘properly’ and basted the seam and basted the zip in place. This five minute task made all the difference to a perfect zip.


Can you see my bright yellow zip in here?

This time I added an inch in length as I find the length on my previous version borderline for my comfort.
Nothing else to note except as I had already cut this out before I went on holiday it only took an hour to sew and finish.
And then a photobomber wanted to be in my shots but not recognised.

Next I made a black A-line for a friend, I haven’t sewn for my friends before…mostly cause I’m selfish. But my friend mentioned in passing that she couldn’t find a plain black A-line skirt anywhere. About a month later I asked if she had found one yet, so I offered to make one for her birthday present. From her Pinterest she gave me her inspiration, a Prada Skirt seen below.


I used Skirt-a-day sewing : create 28 skirts for a unique look every day to draft a skirt to her measurements. Except I stuffed up a little and I am glad I made a test version for her to try out. The skirt has 3 panels on the front and 3 on the back, using the dart line to make the panels. I wanted it to be a bit more interesting than an A-line skirt with just one front panel and a back.

A-Line skirt patternThe pattern pieces above show how it worked together.  This was my first time drafting a skirt for someone else and I was really happy with the result.  Again I did the zip ‘properly’ by basting the seam and basting the zip in place.  All of the insides were overlocked and the surprise inside was the waistband of kiwi cotton.


It is hard to photograph a plain black skirt…but here you go

The final skirt in my trio  was a modification from an op-shop buy. I found this “silk” skirt for $6 at Foxton Salvation Army. I’m not sure if it is really silk but it is light and comfortable and my size.

IMG_4600I cut 10 INCHES – not Centimetres – INCHES off the length, re-sewed the hem with a small turned hem and ta-dah – a light summer skirt – perfect for my Mum’s garden.



8 thoughts on “A trio of skirts

  1. Look at you and your “proper” zips, what’s happened to you? It’s like I don’t even know you anymore 😉 Just kidding…I am actually planning to do my first proper zipper in a Belladone soon, I’ll probably need to ask for your help. I almost ignored the instructions and picked up an invisible zipper first but put it back for a dress zip instead, because different.

    A very nice trio and some unselfish sewing too 🙂

  2. I love all the skirts – it just confirms that Miss Chalmers skirt pattern is a need, not a want. Look how fancy your proper zip is! ROCK ON!

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