Pants please Mummy

How can I say no to that!  Today while sewing a dress Lewis came in to play with the toy sewing machine.  He grabbed some fabric, pins and scissors and asked for some cotton. As he snipped randomly at the fabric he told me he was making pants and a t-shirt.  Next he handed me the slightly shredded piece of fabric and asked me to make him some pants.  As he he is three, cute and quite insistent I put my dress aside and cut out some shorts.


As it was not a big piece of fabric I had to be clever to layout the pattern pieces and avoid his earlier random cuts.  I grabbed one of the few kids patterns I own which had a short pattern in it. 


I asked Lewis if he wanted pockets, he replied “yes, for money and tickets”. So I made up a pocket piece by tracing around his hand and making a rough shape.


Got pockets

There was nothing technical in making these pants and when he tried them on,thankfully they fit.  His response…”where’s my t-shirt?” to go with them.  So I best get back to the sewing room.


5 thoughts on “Pants please Mummy

    • I love it and bought a metre not knowing what I would use it for. So it has been used in small things, lining the bodice and now shorts….and sleeves for the top still being requested. I only have a handful of scraps left.

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