24/52 Zoo Trip

Juliet of Crazy Gypsy Chronicles proposed a WSBN meet up at the zoo with an animal theme.  The invite on facebook had a very tribal print as the header image  and I knew that I had something similar in my stash.   It was a large rectangular tablecloth with circles print shown below. I had always intended to make a circle skirt from it, but I changed my mind and instead made a maxi dress with an empire line.


I used a Kwik Sew pattern from the op-shop for the bodice and fabric left over from my friends skirt.  I measured under my bust, made sure it matched the bottom of the bodice piece.  I then did maths to figure out what radius to use to cut out a circle from the centre of the tablecloth.

Cut out circle and bodice pattern

Cut out circle and bodice pattern

It was a pretty simple make, I lined the bodice with some cute cotton I had in the stash and hand stiched in my zip in the side.


See it really is a just a huge lot of fabric…it too ages to hem around the edge of this.

We had a great time at the zoo.
We found a african style village with drums
The boys got in on the action
We danced
And found the other girls
Clockwise from top-left: Jo, Juliet, Joy, Zara, Gemma, me, Kat and Sophie-Lee

Gained some wisdom

And saw some animals


9 thoughts on “24/52 Zoo Trip

  1. The dress is beautiful and it was great to see it at the zoo. And to see you and your cuties too! You’ve done a lovely job with this – the thought of hemming a circle based maxi makes me want to cry!

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