Sevens suits

Every February the Wellington Sevens occurs. It is a rugby tournament but it is also known as a two day costume party. This year we got tickets with a couple of friends to go. We decided to go low key in costumes – something comfortable and easy to do – floral jumpsuits for the girls and Andrew requested a summer suit. Into the stash I dove looking for suitable fabric. These are the options I shared for the jumpsuits.

I used a Burda pattern that was really simple for the floral jumpsuits.
And the inspiration image from Andrew was
I borrowed a men’s suit pattern from Made Marion and got some beige fabric from the Arthur Toye sale.
I simply cut the pants to short length and made the jacket sleeveless, omitting most of the tailoring, pockets and about 17 pattern pieces.

All of this was made in a week, with the help of one of the other girls. I am really happy with the end result.

Fully lined vest jacket with welt pockets with flaps and matching fly and pockets in the shorts.



NZ team warming up… to prove there was sport and not just costumes and drinking.

NZ won the tournament and did a haka in front of us.


2 thoughts on “Sevens suits

    • Yeah…. it was just something I whipped up over 2 nightspot…. crazy . since it is a costume it has some flaws like the fly is on the wrong side, I had to add 4cm to the waistband as I didn’t account for the stretch in the fabric. The welt pockets are only okay – not great. But I love the lining it is nicly bagged. The arm holes are hand stitched and the collar rolls nicely. Maybe I shouldn’t downplay it so much.

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