25/52 Deer & Doe-ish

Recently the WSBN decided to do Deer & Doe patterns at Staglands. I don’t own any of these and was not inclined to purchase one so I decided to use an ’80s pattern to make a homage to the Belladone.

I like the simple lines of this dress. I used a pattern from the 80s for the bodice which had triangles on the back. Not the same as the inspiration but I like them. The skirt was just a simple rectangle with a slight hip curve that was pleated with two large pleats in front as per the Belladone and darts in the back.
Since it was deer and doe inspired I appliqued a stag head that I traced off a search through Google images. The same fabric is the lining on the back and inside the pockets.
The back is fastened with a button and a zip and hook and eye on the skirt. I had to insert the zip twice, the first time I had to take out as the skirt was too big. It almost broke my heart as it had gone in perfectly, thankfully the second time was almost as good.
Did I mention it had pockets. Since I was basically making this up as I went I borrowed a pocket piece from another pattern, but I forgot it had no seam allowance so they are perfectly finished but a little small. They do fit my hands but mot my wallet.


The fabric is a cotton weave that frayed like mad so I overlooked all my edges. I did a burn test to figure out it was cotton. It is quite stiff so I think it might be furnishing weight. I have no idea when or where I got it.
I love my new dress and also discovering Wellington has some great sculptures to explore…


4 thoughts on “25/52 Deer & Doe-ish

    • Thanks. The dress fabric is an interesting colour, hard to describe as sometimes it looks khaki, up close you see the red. The fabric for the applique is a cotton that looks baton but it isn’t. It was awkward tracing/sewing round all of the edges of the stag head but I like the result and might try it again soon.

  1. I love love this dress! And your photos! But seriously, I love the creative and fun flair you bring to your wardrobe and think this is just brilliant. Genius even. And it looks great on you!

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