Inspiration and Winning

I was inspired by Jenna  a fellow WSBN blogger to make this tee without her even realising it.


She was wearing a similar RTW top the other day and it was just the push I needed to create my own lace yoke tee or the Jenna Tee. I used an op-shop 1980s pattern as the base – Simplicity 7449 (photo in evernote), view 3, as it had a great yoke.

IMG_4900The black lace is from a friend and has flocked flowers on it. The grey knit is from a Starfish workroom sale a few years ago, it is very soft and the stitches just sunk into it.  I had to re-do the neckline after sewing on the binding on the wrong side, I just cut it off close to the stitches and cut a new bit of black knit fabric.


I will make another of these tees and next time I will round off the shoulders a little to reduce the size of the armhole as it is a bit wide and gaping.

After these photos I went from this…to this


to this


Now onto the winning…I recently went to a book fair and there was a set Pattern Designing books that caught my eye, I snapped them up and then saw there was a second copy of one of them, so got that too and decided to give it away to one of you. The book is More Dress Pattern Designing by Natalie Bray.

The blurb from Amazon is “The techniques Natalie Bray pioneered and perfected revolutionised dress pattern designing, assisting the rise of the modern fashion industry. Her teaching has had a profound influence on design, production and education and her works are classics: fashions change but the principles of designing patterns in the flat do not.

This book covers advanced cutting, lingerie, tailoring and children’s clothes. It expands the basic course set out in Natalie Bray’s Dress Pattern Designing and shows the application of the basic principles and methods to more advanced styles as well as to specialised cutting.”


If you would like to win this along with piece of fabric from the stash (when I dive in) then let me know what inspires you in your sewing. I will randomly draw a winner on Saturday 29th March and am happy to post internationally.


21 thoughts on “Inspiration and Winning

  1. Love the Tshirt, I am seeing lots of that look around the net so very on trend. Inspiration comes to me from many places – reading blogs like yours, the collections and just recently a wonderful piece of fabric that just begged to become a version of Helen Cherry’s Cherry Bomb jacket from the Sunday supplement last week.

  2. You look amazing! I wish we were closer to one another so we could sit and have a chat. 🙂 I feel inspired to sew and create when I watch shows like Project Runway… And Under the Gunn. Also, a trip to the fabric store is quite inspiring… And expensive. 😉

    • Thanks. The internet makes everyone closer in the peeks we get in each other’s lives. Yet at times it shows how far away we are from each other.

  3. “Jenna Tee”, I love it! And you are very brave, wish I could have gotten up there to support you in person xx

    I am inspired by all the wonderful girls of the WSBN, you all keep me motivated to keep cranking out the creativeness! And of course the million blogs I follow, lots of kiwi girls, and am way behind in my reading currently…

  4. Cool t shirt idea, maybe I’ll have to make one and continue the chain, haha. What inspires me? Mainly just looking at what other people do and wishing for my own sweet slice if it! I’m so amazed you cut off your hair. So brave 🙂

  5. Love the tee, and your new ‘do. Big respect for that!
    I am most inspired by other sewing bloggers – so many creative people out there, with such awesome ideas.

  6. If your set of books are all by Natalie Bray, you did very well. I am constantly borrowing her books from the library, they are great, so I would be thrilled to win a copy.
    The thing that inspires my sewing is learning! I live to learn and love to learn new techniques, and I am constantly inspired by the community of internet sewers all sharing what they know 🙂

  7. You named a Tee after me AND shaved you’re head, intense. I feel that as inspiration I should get this book 😛 I get lots of inspiration from my sis actually and now from all you other amazing blogging girls !

  8. In the past I have been inspired to sew for helping friends (long sleeve tshirts for winter), from blogs to upcycle tshirts into cute kids clothes, and by remnant material.

    More recently, my sewing has been non-garment, but inspired by this website to help women have more freedom in their life 🙂

  9. Oooh, drafting book! Exciting!!! 🙂

    I get inspired by, well, pretty much everything, actually! Descriptions of things in books I’m reading, characters in books and movies, fabric, patterns, RTW, things other people make, you name it. I think that’s one of the really fun things about sewing – you can just let your imagination run wild whenever you feel like it and make something! Yeah!!

    Also – I didn’t realise you’d made that tee, I was sure you said you bought it, you sneaky thing! It’s fantastic, and I know exactly which top of Jenna’s inspired you, because I have plans for an Ensis tee inspired by it as well, haha! 😉

    • Yes it is easy to find inspiration everywhere. I have to stop myself from asking strangers on the street about their fabric.
      Thanks about the top, I think there is a hint of ensis inspiration in there too.

  10. the Jenna tee, fab name, great top. There is so much inspiration everywhere. The WSBN group is my main source now, but so much more online and in books.
    The shave has me completely in awe. I just know I couldn’t do it and your face above is so relaxed. Well done lovely!

  11. What a fantastic tee! You look fabulous in it. I’m gutted I came to this too late to get in on your giveaway! At least I know where to go to borrow books!

    Also, I can’t begin to tell you how impressed I am at your head shaving. You look brilliant and I just think you’re awesome.

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