Colours and Winning

Today I did the colour run in my new espresso leggings and screen printed top.
I used some sale table lycra from Spotlight that had glitter spots all over for the tights.


And we enhanced the colour run t-shirts with the WSBN logo by screenprinting.





I am actually happy...





Wellington Sewing Bloggers in Colour

Zara, Mel, Me, Kat.

And last week I asked what inspired you and would reward you with a Natalie Bray drafting book… and I drew the winner tonight:


Kat said what inspires her  ” I get inspired by, well, pretty much everything, actually! Descriptions of things in books I’m reading, characters in books and movies, fabric, patterns, RTW, things other people make, you name it. I think that’s one of the really fun things about sewing – you can just let your imagination run wild whenever you feel like it and make something! Yeah!!”

So hopefully she will be inspired by the book.


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