29/52 Sprinkles and Spots

I have been very busy sewing and wesearing my me makes but not busy taking photos. So here is a dress with a sprinkle of spots. I love this fabric so much so I bought it twice by mistake. It is a sale cotton sateen from spotlight. I didn’t know what I was going to make with it until I found New Look 6183 at the Arthur Toye close down sale.

I made up view C but added in the cap sleeves.  I had a few fun moments when my notches didn’t match… and then I realised there were gathers required under the bust – maybe I should follow the instructions more closely. Especially as I then repeated this mistake on the gathers in the centre panel.

I like the finished dress, I’m not sure if I love it though…

But it does look good with my new ice cream and sprinkles necklace from Fortune and Blame. I love her necklaces and you will be seeing a few more around here soon.


4 thoughts on “29/52 Sprinkles and Spots

  1. What an awesome pattern! And I think the dress you’ve made is lovely. Hilarious that you bought the same fabric twice! At least you can make another dress if you’re not fond of this one.

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