33/52 Fine feathers make fine birds

This dress was inspired by the WSBN Facebook group, when someone posted this fabric in a different colourway.

I liked it but it was not WOW!  I was in Auckland at the time and had a small amount of time to fabric shop so I went to Centrepoint fabrics and after being overwhelmed by all the prints


and doing several laps of the store I ending up leaving with a dress length of two birds fabrics – this one and this (which I hope to sew soon).

Again I had to wait until I found a pattern that really shouted out to be matched with the fabric and I went with the princess seams of McCalls 6741 which I got from Arthur Toyes closing down pattern sale.  The great thing about this print is that birds are evenly distributed with heads up and down so I could easily lay out my pattern pieces.  I also managed to avoid bird boob – bonus points for that.

This dress has in-seam pockets in the princess seams which are almost invisible till I flap my hands about in them.

I was planning on making the sleeveless version, however since it is definitely Autumn…almost winter I thought to add the cap sleeves.  I work in warm office so a cardigan, slip and tights will see me through with this.  Before I did this I had to do my favourite adjustment a LBBA (Low Big Boob Adjustment) by taking out excess fabric in the princess seam above the bust so I don’t have flappy fabric on my upper chest.


Pinning out my LBBA

The only other change I made was to do a facing instead of fully lining it – mostly because I’m lazy and could be bothered cutting out a whole other dress in lining.  I just traced the neckline off the pattern pieces to make neat little facings.


This is a twirly swirly fun dress and thanks to Mel for taking sneaky photos at the Fabric Store the other day.


Just a little something to take home


14 thoughts on “33/52 Fine feathers make fine birds

    • But we did go visit you, straight after! (Well, via hot-chocolate-collecting, that is.) I believe you were about to run a class at the time when we all invaded. 😉

  1. Ah, I love it how you guys got sneaky pics in The Fabric Store, and were so sneaky the rest of us didn’t even notice!!!

    Great dress, too. 🙂

  2. I loved this fabric. Then I saw a photo of it made up and decided meh, I didn’t like it so much. Then you made this and now I am filled with regret because it is so awesome!

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