52 Dresses

My goal for 2013 is to sew 52dresses.

I have a plan in place. Scarily enough I have 52 patterns I want to complete and I have a decent stash of fabric I aim to get through.

My rules are:
1. To complete a dress by the end of every Monday.
2. To where ever possible to use stash fabric or if bought to be from an op-shop or on sale so I can afford to make this many dresses.
3. I can buy notions where needed, but must try and use what I have first.

Made in 2013
1. Dotty for the Races
2. Going Green
3. Border Practice
4. Palmerston Paisley
5. Polka Dot Frock Fest
6. Tintin Jade Triangle
7. Garden Party (not complete or posted yet)
8. Lots of Frosting
9. Going Troppo
10. Confidence
11. On the Rebound
12. Fashion Flowers
13. Burda Brown Bear
14. LBD.
15. Super Easy Wrap Dress
16. Jiffy dress
17. Burda Brown with a Mullet
18. Spots, spots and dots
19. Vintage Vogue 6078
20. Rainbow Nougat
21. Ethel
22. Retro Stars

Made in 2014


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