Going Out Cake

I first posted this in the Monthly Stitch …way back in June… but for completeness wanted to have it here on my blog as well.

Ever since I made my first Pavlova top by Cake patterns last year I’ve had plans to make another and when deciding what to make for Indie Pattern month’s fangirl competition I decided to go for it as it was once of the few patterns that I had more than one piece by the one brand.

I used a grey light/lacy knit that I got for $3 a metre at the Fabric Warehouse sale last year. I wanted this top to be more versatile than my first version so I lengthened the bodice so it could wear with more of my skirts or jeans as I find it hits my waist and can leave a gap across my stomach with some clothes. I made the ties as long as I could fit on my fabric and I also lenthened the sleeves so they are wrist length instead of 3/4 length and put a cuff on them to finish it off.

The skirt is the Pavlova Skirt from Cake. I have made this before – most recently here  – and my lesson learnt on this pattern is that I have to cut two sizes smaller than my measurements for it to work for me. I don’t know why Cake patterns cannot do basic maths to make a circle work, but after making three I am adamant it is not correct.  You are better of using a circumference calculator and doing some simple maths yourself.

I used a fabulous brocade that I found on the sale table at spotlight for $8/m. I love the colour and the balance between the soft grey and the stiff brocade. A used a button from my stash for on the waistband.

This outfit came together exactly as I wanted and I feel very glamorous in it.  I have worn it out many times now and it is a firm favourite in my wardrobe


18/52 Spots Spots and Dots

I have been wearing this dress for the last couple of weeks and when we got home the other night I quickly got Andrew to take some photos so I could share it with you. This dotty dress is straight out of the packet – a Kwik Sew pattern from the op-shop which I have mislaid at the moment. The fit is pretty much right – I could take some out of the waist but I am going with that it is designed to be blousy.

I got the rayon from the Salvation Army store in for $8 so this was an easy and cheap make that I think I can wear year round as I can put a slip on and tights in winter and it is light enough layering with the changeable spring weather. I picked up the belt to go with it from the op-shop as well as the self covered belt was always going to get lost with this fabric.

I sewed 90% of this at social sewing which meant I used french seams in it as I did not have my overlocker at my side. Although I did get distracted talking at one point and put my pocket in sideways… which I realised after I had trimmed the seam and top stitched it down. I managed to focus enough to trace off another pocket piece from the tiny handful of scraps I had left over and fixed it up once I stopped laughing.
On a side note…how amazing is my husband…this is the birthday cake he made me. It is an orange camel like an animal biscuit. And there is a bonus shark cake from the leftover piece!