Wellington Sewing Bloggers Network

There are an amazing bunch of people who help enable my fabric buying, encourage the sewing madness and generally understand when I talk about darts, understitching, slash and spreads and other random sewing (and lots of non-sewing) stuff.

Check them out:

Elisabeth The Sewphist

Emily Ever So Scrumptious

Emma  The Takahe Bites

Gemma  Sixty Six Stitches

Gillian  Sewing Down Under

Holly Polucraftual

Jenna  Ruby Dust

Johanna  Making It Well

Joy A Charm of Magpies

Juliet  Crazy Gypsy Chronicles

Kat  Modern Vintage Cupcakes

Kristelle  El mundo de la Kriss

Laura  Laulipop NZ

Leimomi  The Dreamstress

Linda  Forgotten Fashionista

Maryanne  Made Marion Craft

Sent From My iRon

MaryLouise  Thanks! I Made This Myself!

Melissa  The Curious Kiwi

Nicola  Piccolo Presents

Nikki  Nikki’s Stitches

Sandra J  Sewist Stitch

Sophie-Lee Pins and Noodles

Teresa  Adventures of a Girl from the Naki

Wendy  Sew Biased

Zara  Off-grid Chic


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